Clashes in Yugoslavia-confirmation needed


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by Koca Popovic » Mon Aug 21, 2006 8:42 am
Here are some information from Yugoslav sources concerning the clashes the partisans had with the Italian army. Most of these led to contacts between the two parties concerning the prisoner-exchanges.I would like to know if the information could be verified by using Italian sources:

Jelin Dub, Montenegro,10/19/41: Zeta partisan detachment ambushed an Italian column, taking 44 soldiers and 20 NCOs and officers prisoner;

Panika, Trebinje-Bileca, Herzegovina, 1/6/42: partisans ambushed an Italian column capturing "1 officer and 100 soldiers".Captain and two lieutenants of the 32. inf.div "Marche" negotiated over their release with the partisan delegation.

Stolac, Herzegovina, 2/13/42: Stolac PD captured 20 men security detail, and additional 70 men of the relief column. "Italian major came to negotiate".

Dragalje, Grahovo, Montenegro, 12/4/41: Lovcen PD and parts of Niksic PD captured some 48 Italian soldiers.

Vrhovine-Korenica,Lika,Croatia, 1/1/1942: While trying to reach Korenica, an Italian column was ambushed by "Marko Oreskovic" PD. 125 Italians captured.

Neretva delta,Croatia,5/6/42: Neretva PC captured 18 soldiers of "6. chemical company, nr.39"; two of them were heavily wounded, namely "lieutenant Flavio Setin and corporal Parma Enzo".

Strizevo, Rogotin-Gradac,Dalmatia,Croatia, 5/13/1942: South-Dalmatian PC ambushed parts of "Messina" division, capturing 17 soldiers.

Herzegovina, 9/2/1942: HQ of the 10. Herzegovina Bde sent a letter to "HQ, Infantry Division Mostar, for captain Berlingeri Giulio", proposing prisoner exchange. Document indicates that all of the prisoners belonged to 3.Btl/152.Rgt/Div. "Sassari"

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Komdiv Koca


by Momo » Mon Aug 21, 2006 6:45 pm
Nice name Koca! I'm Vojvoda Momcilo Djuic.


by 184 Nembo » Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:22 am
Koca Popovic,

Click on the link below and this will provide with more detailed info on the anti-partisan missions OOB.


by Koca Popovic » Tue Aug 22, 2006 1:24 pm
184 Nembo wrote:Koca Popovic,

Click on the link below and this will provide with more detailed info on the anti-partisan missions OOB.
Mr.184 Nembo,

I appreciate the link, but as you can see, it deals with major anti-partisan operations with RE involved.And I need verification for any of the (relatively) small-scale actions listed above.


Komdiv Koca