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Compagnia fucilieri libica 1/100 scale


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Here is my compagnia fucilieri libica in 15mm for the game Flames of War. Thank you very much to Jeff Leser and others for determining the TO&E for such a unit, over on this thread here. While Flames of War offers a list for this unit, it is inaccurate.

*NOTE* I am having difficulty uploading the photos to Comando Supremo, so I am posting links to my Instagram account where you can find them. You don't need to have an account to view them.

and here:

The miniatures are from Battlefront, with a few head swaps from Peter Pig (like those officers with pith helmets), and things added here and there with Green Stuff. This is a full company with three platoons, each with three squads and one scouting squad, as well as three Schwarzlose M.07/12 preda bellica under the company CO. While the standard would belong to a battalion, not a company, I couldn’t resist adding it.:)

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Great models! But, if I may, I would suggest you to spell correctly the name of this unit: compagnia fucilieri libica.