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Hello. I am new to this site - apologies if I'm busting some rules:) I have looked at Discussion but can't find what I'm after. I am a historian and I write for the Ancient History Encyclopedia. By night, I'm a fiction writer and am currently writing a novel set in northern Italy in the run-up to Sept 8 1943. One thing I really need clarification on is - what were the reserved occupations or medical reasons that would mean a younger man would not be conscripted into the Italian Army? Was it like other countries where occupations such as a doctor, priest, post office workers, university students/lecturers were not always subject to draft? I have read a ton of memoirs etc but nothing specifically says "this is why I wasn't drafted". Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to learning a lot from the site. Glad I found it.


Sorry i don't know that kind of details. I answer your post just for you as a newcomer to not think that you have been ignored.


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Just returned from our Thanksgiving holiday.

The following information is from the TME 30-420 Handbook on the Italian Military Forces 1943. As this is dealing with conscription, I feel the information is fairy accurate, although an Italian source would be preferable.

Pre-military training is from ages 18-20. Males are conscripted at age 21 for 18 months of service. Conscription age was dropped to 18 during the war.

-Physical disabilities
-Penal offensives
-Individual has been deprived of political rights
-Previous enrollment in any of the various militias
-Mental deficiency

Length of service can be reduced based on family needs:
-Only brother of an orphaned sister.
-Only child of a widow over 64 years of age
-First born son of a family of ten sons.
-Etc. whatever you can convince the conscription authority to accept.

Service can be deferred due to:
-Students to complete their education (but deferred no longer than to their 26th birthday)

Italians born or residing overseas are liable for service, but the majority are exempted while living overseas or only serve 6 months. In 1942, dual citizens in which one citizenship was to a country at war against Italy were exempted.

Italian citizens of the Aegean Islands, Libya, or subjects of the A.O.I. were exempted.

Naturalized citizens over 32 years of age are exempted.

I would assume the medical reasons were the same as found in other countries. I will check to see if I have additional info.

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Eccellente!!! and thank you so very much. I was on the right track as I thought medical reasons would rule one out. As I'm dealing with a domestic exile (i.e. anti-fascist) then I think that would fall under "deprived of political rights". But anyway the above is more than I had, so thank you Jeff. I have another question for everyone and I'll post this separately. I feel everyone is way ahead of me in knowledge of Italy WWII so am very grateful to anyone who answers my questions!! And happy Thanksgiving to you.