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Debre Libanos

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Recent research has made it clear that Graziani ordered the liquidation of resistance at Debre Libanos.Apparently more than 1200 people.A few years back I viewed a website of an investigation that took place in 73 iirc.Approximately 35 skeletons in a group.Have other bodies been recovered in the past?


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The corpses of the executed (1,200 is a wild guess-estimate, the Italian reports state they were 320 in Laga Wolde and 129 in Debre Berhan) were collected in 1941 after the return of Hailé Selassié. I have no further information.
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InternationalJournal Of Ethiopian Studies
Reconstructing The Fascist Occupation Of Ethiopia
Debre Libanos 1200
Debre Berhan 500
Children were spared and sent to the camps.


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We will not discuss whether 1200 or 600 were killed in a camp. The actions of Graziani are well document (see my recent review of the book Rodolfo Graziani) and there is little to discuss.

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