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It depends what you are looking for about the DICAT .... it is perhaps the largest topic concerning the Royal Army .... perhaps it would be better for you to better frame the reference year and above all the reference region .....
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And explain what you plan to do with the info. That will better help us understand what you need. As Maurizio has indicated, this is a complex and constantly changing organization during the war. I have been working on the GaF and it is a child's play compared to the DICAT.

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Jeff very right, especially in the evolutionary discourse while the GAF gradually depleted during the conflict, the DICAT also multiplied by the powerful introduction of the 5th German flak division which brought to the north considerable quantities of 88mm pieces to be included in the DICAT of the groupings created on purpose for the defense of the Piedmontese, Ligurian and Lombard industrial triangles ....
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