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Difference between Sede and Deposito?


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Posted 09 March 2008 by Territoriale

Could someone tell me what the difference between 'Sede' (?Regimental HQ) and 'Deposito' (?Regimental Depot) was? Have I translated these properly?




Posted 09 March 2008 by Lupo Solitario

Sede (location) = the place where the unit is based or, better, where the unit command is while the other subunits could be spread in a certain range around

Deposito (depot) = the logistical and administrative base of the unit, managing material stores and mobilization of personnel, forming and training new units

Usually, the "deposito" of a unit is in the same place of its legal "sede"

Note: all units have a "sede" but usually only regiments have a "deposito"


Posted 09 March 2008 by territoriale


Many thanks for the explanation - it makes sense.