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Does "Complessi" define any kind of Unit?


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Posted 25 April 2008 by Dili

If so what kind? a Battery?

This came up from this file Regio Esercito - Artiglieria - Situazione al 10 giugno 1940.htm (from excelent RegioEsercito.it site)

At war start:

76 complessi da 20 mod. 39

I know that 20mm mod39 was the usual 20mm Breda with a mount for mostly static employments with a more elaborate sighting device. Now the term "complessi" or Complex is usually employed in Soviet/Russian military literature and means a system of arms and sometimes different ones that work integrated, so my question is what complessi means in this situation, 4 guns with a common control device? or just the gun with the elaborate sighting is enough to be called "complessi"?


Posted 25 April 2008 by Lupo Solitario

In this case a "complesso" is simply a weapon with connected stuff


Posted 26 April 2008 by Dili

Thanks. I suspected that but had to ask since the number seems a very low quantity.