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Eritreans in 28mm


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I was hoping to wait until I had completed my entire platoon before posting anything, but I'm still not even done with a single squad and I got impatient. So here are the first few ascari in 28mm for what will be a complete platoon. While we know the Eritrean platoons had three squads (see the discussion here), I still don't know for certain the number in each squad, so I'm building this platoon on the assumption they would have had 15 men each by 1940-41, which is the time frame I'm focusing on for gaming.

The figures are a mix of Empress Miniatures and Askari Miniatures, which look slightly different, but I think blend well enough together. The colors of purple and blue are for the LIX Battaglione coloniale, which I didn't chose for any historical reasons, but thought the color combination looked nice.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer until I can post a completed platoon.




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Those are some very nice figures and a great paint job.