Fiat Revelli Mod. 35

I'm still looking for a video of one firing. It might take awhile.


Description from video:

"The machine gun had an average length of 1,270 mm, including 654 mm cannon. Unloaded, he weighed 18.14 kg. Like the Model 1914, the Model 1935 is a weapon system comprising machine gun, tripod and tape bullets, so he needed a team of several soldiers to emplearla.2 The Model 1914 was widely used during World War II, but its flaws (excess weight, cooling water and underpowered cartridge 6.5 x 52 Mannlicher-Carcano) became increasingly apparent over time; while the Regio Esercito began to develop the new Breda M37, saw that it was appropriate to modernize the many machine guns Model 1914. The Model 1935 tried to remove some of these defects by opting for a diet with tape, air cooling and, after a failed attempt , remove the oil pump to lubricate the cartridges and the light machine gun Breda 30 (but some sources claim that, like the Model 1914, this weapon still had this problematic design, which is not mentioned in any technical manual) .3 in addition, the machine gun was prone to shoot only when the barrel sobrecalentaba.4 The recalibrated to 8 mm caliber and adoption by tape feeding able to improve both stopping power and cadence fired machine gun; however, frequently it jammed. "