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Holiday pictures from the Front


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I have started this thread to provide a place for all those Italian holiday pictures and post cards we seen posted over th arrears. I ask that if you see one, post it here. Provide any information you know about the item (date, location, units, etc. if known). Don't provide a link, but upload the item so it is here in the CS storage.

Pista! Jeff


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I have never seen this one before, so here it is.
RussianFrontItalian Art.jpg


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This picture is from the Inter-war years, but was taken December 24th, 1927. Crewmembers of the sommergibile F-14 pose on the conning tower next to an inscription which reads "Buon Natale." Tragically, she was lost with all hands on August 6th, 1928 due to an accidental ramming during a training exercise



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I found this photo online years ago. Apparently its primary source is the Archivio Luce http://fondoluce.archivioluce.com/L...ale-poco-discosto-un-bombardiere.html?start=0, which states that it was shot in the plain of Scutari (Albania) in Jan. 1941 (clearly it's a typo for Dec. 1940, given that it says "Buon Natale!" = "Merry Christmas!"). In the link to the Archivio Luce there are also other holiday photos, related to this one, but much less interesting and with the annoying watermark of this archive.

Buon Natale.jpg
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