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Irish volunteers with Italy


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The historian Enrico Cernuschi made a post on another forum (years ago) claiming that there were Irishmen who worked for Italy during the war. I am including a link to his post, as well as a copy-paste of the relevant text below:

"Some Irishmen (not many, of course, no more than 10 according my sources) proofed to be good camrades during the 1940-1943 war working together with the Reparto Informazioni of the Regia Marina Staff and at least three of them (the three musketters) with the Raggruppamento Centri Militari (then Raggruppamento Frecce Rosse) Indian Battalion Azad- Hindoustan. The only effective intelligence missions on 1942 perfomed by the men of this special paratrooper battalion were made by them."

Does anybody here know more detail about this? Or if there were any other Irishmen who worked for Italy during the war?

I only know that the Irish fascist politician, Eoin O'Duffy, was a supporter of Mussolini before the war. However he does not seem to have worked with Italy during the war, as far as I know.


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I can't think of anything now, but I will be taking a deeper dive into the Raggruppamento Centri Militari shortly. I know there were some intelligence ops in the Middle East in 42.