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Italian Forces in Greece


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Posted 08 April 2003 - 12:33 AM by Guest_Asiaticus_*

I am trying to find out the Corps and Divisions of the 11th Army that occupied Greece 1941-43 and the units that garrisoned Rhodes and the Dodecanese Is.

I ve found a referance to a VIII Corps that garrisoned the Peloponnesus.

There were supposed to be 11 Divisions in this Army.
I know that the these Divisions were there in Aug 1943.

Acqui Division (Cephalonia)
33rd ACQUI: 17th, 18th and 317th IR + 33rd AR + 27th CCNN

Pinerolo Division
24th PINEROLO: 13th, 14th and 313th IR + 18th AR + 136th CCNN

Aosta Cavalry Regiment

On Crete at least from 1/43:

51st SIENA: 31st and 32nd IR + 51st AR + 141st CCNN

One additional division was stationed in the Dodecanese Islands one was:

50th Infantry Division "Regina"?
50th REGINA: 9th, 10th and 309th IR + 50th AR + 201st CCNN

Anyone have more or better info? Please Email me or reply here better yet.


Posted 08 April 2003 - 12:34 AM by Guest_Asiaticus_*

Below I have what Ive found on the forces occupying Greece 6/41-9/43. I have unit details from 1/43. Does any one know what was there from 6/41-12/42? We have on this site the invading army of 4/41 as a base for the 11th Army
much of that force was then taken away to the Balkans the Aegean Islands or other theatres.

6/41- 9/43 11th Army (Greece)
11th Army HQ (Athens)
1/43?-5/43 33rd Acqui Division
1/43?-9/43 51st Siena Division(Crete)
1/43?-9/43 LI Infantry Brigade
1/43?-9/43 19th CCNN Battalion
1/43?-9/43 141st CCNN Batttalion
8/43-9/43 L Coastal Brigade (Crete)

6/41-9/43 VIII Corps (Peloponnesus)
VIII Corps HQ (Xilokastron)
1/43?-9/43 29th (Piemonte) Infantry Division
1/43?-9/43 59th (Cagliari) Mountain Infantry Division
1/43?-9/43 28th CCNN Battalion
1/43?-9/43 Etna CCNN Legion

6/41- 9/43 III Corps (Thessally)
III Corps HQ (Volo)
1/43?-9/43 6th (Aosta Lancers) Cavalry Regiment
1/43?-9/43 11th (Brennero) Infantry Division
1/43?-9/43 24th (Pinerolo) Infantry Division
1/43?-9/43 36th (Forli) Mountain Infantry Division
1/43?-9/43 35th CCNN Battalion
1/43?-9/43 L'Aquila CCNN Group

6/41- 9/43 XXVI Corps (Epirus)
XXVI Corps HQ (Janina)
1/43?-9/43 37th (Modena) Mountain Infantry Division
1/43?-9/43 56th (Casale) Infantry Division
5/43-9/43 33rd Acqui Division (Cephalonia)
1/43?-9/43 36th CCNN Battalion
1/43?-9/43 Po CCNN Group

Also this is what I have on the Aegean Islands. The 6th Cuneo Divison was part of the 11th Army's Special Corps during the invasion of Greece and then were sent to the Islands sometime befpre 1/43.

6/40-9/43 Commando Supremo Aegean Islands, HQ (Rhodes)
1/43?-9/43 6th (Cuneo) Infantry Division
4/41?-9/43 50th (Regina) Infantry Division
1/43-9/43 24th CCNN Legion: 24th, 25th Btn
1/43-9/43 201st CCNN Legion: 201st, 301st Btn
7/43?-9/43 XV Coastal Brigade
7/43?-9/43 XVI Coastal Brigade

If anyone can fill in more detail, post it here and/or let me know at: