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Italian High Industry Economy ?


I am making Mediterranean a mod for War in Pacific AE so i have to have the Italian industry in it

I am asking for opinion on this relative values of Italian High Industry i have made
In game HI produces HI points to be spent to make aircraft, weapons, ships, aircraft engines, vehicles and AFV.

Note that directly excludes the final products and manufacturing of Armament industry and AFV industry, Military Aircraft industry, Shipyards, Refineries: But the steel that FIAT makes to build aircraft, vehicles it is High Industry but the final product should not be accounted since it is another factory type in the game , likewise the tools that a shipyards has to make is HI but the final ship is not.)

So anything that seems strange or off? or i am forgetting.
30 Aosta
20 Pinerolo - bonus due to the importance of RIV roller bearings factory.
70 Savona
300 Genova - too high?
1 Asti
360 Torino
470 Milano
5 Como
5 Varese
2 Novara
1 Saluzzo
5 Pavia
5 Sestri Levante
5 Piacenza
20 Bergamo
40 Brescia
5 Gardone Val Trmpia
50 Reggio Emilia
90 LaSpezia
1 Modena
30 Livorno
5 Pisa-Lucca
5 Pontedera
40 Firenze
5 Pistoia
70 Piombino
40 Elba
100 Terni-Rieti
5 Rome
150 Napoli
15 Puzzuoli
5 Agrigento
5 Licata
5 Ragusa
5 Catania
10 Crotone
5 Ascoli Pisceno
10 Ancona
190 Venezia - should be bigger than Napoli? includes Marghera Industrial complex.
10 Ferrara
70 Monfalcone
130 Trieste
5 Fiume
10 Bolzano
15 Trento
25 Bergamo
12 Brescia
35 Bologna
5 Iglesias Decimumomanu
5 Cagliari


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@Dili have you checked Gary Grigsby's War in the West? If I remember correctly, they were thoroughly researched, I worked on French, Belgian and German structures almost a decade ago.


High or Heavy industries? i think you talking of second, i never heard of High industry,
i've a list of steel factory location but not their production
Vado, Savona, Prà, Sestri Ponenti, Bolzanetto, voltri, Pontedecimo all this in Liguria
Novi Ligure, Mondovì, Torino, Avigliana, Verrés, Villadossola, omegna, these in Piemonte
Milano, Sesto, Bergamo, Brescia, Dalmine, Vobarno, in Lombardia
Vicenza, Udine, Venezia, Trieste, Bolzano in Triveneto
Livorno, Piombino, Portoferraio, Follonica, San Giovanni Valdarno, in Toscana
Terni in Umbria,
Napoli, Bagnoli, Pozzuoli in Campania

cast iron locations were
Aosta, Piombino, Portoferraio, Servola, Bagnoli, small factories there were also in Brescia area and Bergamo area