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Italian OOB v. German intervention in Austria, July 1934?


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Posted by Sid Guttridge: Thu Aug 24, 2006

On 25 July 1934, the Nazis in Austria mounted a coup against the pro-Italian government of Chancellor Dolfuss.

Dolfuss was assassinated while his family was staying with Mussolini and the Duce had the unpleasant burden of telling them the sad news.

Mussolini reportedly responded by moving four divisions and air units to the Austrian border in case he needed to intervene against any direct German interference.

Does anyone know which Italian divisions and air units were involved in this deployment?

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Posted by Joseph_Porta: Fri Nov 03, 2006


If you are interested, I could post the map of the Italian intervention plan in case of an attack on Austria by Nazi Germany by the 1934-36 period.



Posted by Lupo Solitario: Fri Nov 03, 2006

Dear Porta, we're really interested in seeing your documents

Sid, AFAIK the units were the infantry divisions Pasubio, Piave and Brennero and the Alpine Division Tridentina


Posted by Joseph_Porta: Fri Nov 03, 2006



Austrian CV-35 tanks of the Schnelle Division, 1935. Their uniforms are similar to the Italian. Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania and some other baltic states had either Italian or French tank uniforms.

If someone should be interested: Austrian OOB of March 11, 1938. The OOB in 1935 was very similar. Just one visible difference is that the 8. Division has been been made smaller - in 1938 it was known as the 8. Brigade.

Though not related to Italy, I do have some photos of the state funeral and the following speech of Dolfuss. Could post them as well on request. If I find any Italian, I post them as well.

Hope this was helpful.


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Posted by Voloire: Mon Nov 06, 2006

According to Denis mack smith the four divisions moved to the border were largely incomplete.
That's the reason because of, according to Mr. Mack Smith, the German secret service considered the Italian deployment just "a bluff"


Posted by Lupo Solitario: Mon Nov 06, 2006

More than possible. Italian units were kept largely understrength in peacetime.


Posted by Sid Guttridge: Tue Nov 14, 2006

Hi Joseph Porta.

Many thanks for the maps.

I already have the second, but the first was new to me. It shows the Italian deployment agreed between Austria and Italy in the early 1930s in the event of a German attack. However, apparently Mussolini promised motorized divisions he did not yet have!

Hi Lupo,

Do you have a source that lists these four divisions, or are you deducing them from their depots being near the border?




Posted by Lupo Solitario: Tue Nov 14, 2006

Hi Sid

I've looked for indications about motorized divisions in named map but I've seen no one. Could you tell me where have you seen them?

About involved divisions, I thought having found them on AHF some time ago but they seemed me really probable given that they formed the IV Corps assigned to Austrogerman sector