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Italian popular singers and songs in WWII?

Sid Guttridge

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I just found online an apparently wartime Italian version of Lili Marlene (

It set me to wondering what were the home grown popular songs in the Italian Army and who was their Vera Lynn?




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Hi Sid, I usually try to provide you some useful information, but this time I am somewhat unprepared. Just recently I have watched "Comandante" at the movie theater and noticed that the sailors sang "Un'ora sola ti vorrei" and then the classic "O' surdato 'nammorato" (which dated back to WW1) and, of course, "La canzone dei sommergibilisti". But, while I might provide you a rather comprehensive list of propaganda and military songs (for example: Era Fascista), I cannot tell you which songs were actually popular and, of course, how long they were.