Italian ships

I wanted to do a post about some Italian ships I've seen on-line but wound up with sticker shock from the prices. These boats are expensive to say the least:

I originally bought this Maiale kit for about 30-40 bucks, but I see It's currently advertised for $119 and is not in stock.
This is a good kit that unfortunately I never had a chance to build before it was lost in moving. It had a really nice handbook filled with historical pictures of the Maiale.
If you think that price is high wait till you see the warships:

The Zara & Pola are priced @ $186.99 a piece. Kinda crazy.

You might want to shop around and compare some prices before using this site:


Yeah, i was into modeling in my teenage years and finding Italian aircraft was almost impossible unless you visited Italy. Never got into ships, too small.
In Portugal i have got the S.79 from Airfix and a G.55 i don't remember from what company.
Then i visited Rome and got a Cant 506 from Supermodel i think. Later appeared Br 20 and Cant 501 from Italeri. Cant 501 is still to be that time the pleasure of building have had already subsided or other things got priority.