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Italian ships

I wanted to do a post about some Italian ships I've seen on-line but wound up with sticker shock from the prices. These boats are expensive to say the least:

I originally bought this Maiale kit for about 30-40 bucks, but I see It's currently advertised for $119 and is not in stock.
This is a good kit that unfortunately I never had a chance to build before it was lost in moving. It had a really nice handbook filled with historical pictures of the Maiale.
If you think that price is high wait till you see the warships:

The Zara & Pola are priced @ $186.99 a piece. Kinda crazy.

You might want to shop around and compare some prices before using this site:


Yeah, i was into modeling in my teenage years and finding Italian aircraft was almost impossible unless you visited Italy. Never got into ships, too small.
In Portugal i have got the S.79 from Airfix and a G.55 i don't remember from what company.
Then i visited Rome and got a Cant 506 from Supermodel i think. Later appeared Br 20 and Cant 501 from Italeri. Cant 501 is still to be build...by that time the pleasure of building have had already subsided or other things got priority.