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'La Campagna di Grecia' for sale


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I am offering for sale my spare copy of Montanari's La Campagna di Grecia. This is the most detailed history of the Greek Campaign I have found that is available. Written by the Italian Historical Office (USSME). This three volume work is divided into: tomo I Testo (Narrative) - 965 pages; tomo II (Documents) - 1024 pages; tomo III (Maps and photos) - 266 pages.

This is a first edition published in 1980. The second edition (1999) that is currently available for sale is abridged and only has a total of 879 pages, so think about what has been omitted in the newer version. Language is Italian, but the writing is pretty straight forward making translation simpler. There are many charts and tables in the both tomo I e II, and a total of 179 maps/diagrams with many photos in tomo III.

The condition of this set is used. It is softbound (as originally published), so the edges are worn and the covers are scuffed. The bindings are sound, with no splits and are flexible. Their are no markings/underlining in the books.

This is a serious research source on the Italo-Greco War. While an Italian history, the Greek official history was used during the writing of this work (cited in the text and referenced in the bibliography). A pretty complete military history of this war.

$180 plus shipping. If you have questions, please ask.


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