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La Canzone del Duca di Ferro


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Posted 26 September 2005 by Joseph Salemi

I have an old postcard from 1942, on which there is a poem about Amedeo di Savoia, Duke of Aosta. He seems to have been killed in combat on March 3, 1942. The poem ("La Canzone del Duca di Ferro") is written by Nino Costa. Here is part of the refrain, along with my translation into English. I thought it might be of interest to our Italian readers. If I have made any errors in my translation, I would be grateful for corrections.

Italian text:

Vecchia razza non muta d'insegna
dappertutto la stessa consegna:
Croce Bianca e Tricolore,
tutta Italia un solo cuore.
Dentro e fuori le frontiere
non vogliamo altre bandiere.
Questo e il grido degli Eroi:
Tutto insieme coi Savoia
ma i Savoia in mezzo a noi!

English translation:

The old race does not change its emblem--
Everywhere the same watchword:
White Cross and Tricolor,
All Italy one single heart.
Inside and outside the frontiers
We do not wish other banners.
This is the cry of the Heroes:
All together with the Savoys
But the Savoys in the midst of us!

(translation by Joseph S. Salemi)

Perhaps some of our readers could tell us about Amedeo di Savoia, and his death. The photograph on the postcard shows a handsome young man in a white officer's uniform, with military decorations.


Posted 26 September 2005 by Lupo Solitario

Prince Amedeo di Savoia, Duke of Aosta, born 1898, dead 1942. Third in succession line to italian throne in 1940.

Veteran of WWI and Air Force General, he was named Viceroy of Italian East Africa in 1938 and directed the defence of italian empire against british in 1940-41. Surrended in the Amba Alagi stronghold in May 1941, gaining the weapon honour from sieging british forces. POW in Kenia, died for illness (malaria) in March 1942. He's buried in Nairobi


Posted 02 April 2008 by Granatiere

HRH the Duke of Aosta is buried in Italian military shrine in Nyeri, where he died, not in Nairobi.


Posted 02 April 2008 by nemt

Your translation is top-notch.

Wikipedia has accurate information on the man:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amedeo,_3rd_Duke_of_Aosta (English)
http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amedeo_di_Savoia,_terzo_duca_d'Aosta (Italian)

Also notable is that his nephew currently claims leadership of the House of Savoy and the Kingdom of Italy, though both are disputed by the much-maligned and often comical Vittorio Emanuele of Naples, grandson of VE3. I recall one of them punched the other in the face a while back, I've forgotten which.


Posted 03 April 2008 by FB

VE punched Amedeo, Duke of Aosta, some of years ago. It was in Madrid where the two (and families) were invited to the marriage of Prince Felipe of Spain.

Best regards.


Posted 03 April 2008 by Granatiere

Rivalry between the two branches of the house of Savoy is ancient, dating back to world war one. After the war duke Emanuele Filiberto, commander of III Army, the only Italian Army undefeated after Caporetto, was openly pro-fascist. During RSI ANR changed the Royal crown on some squadrons' crest with Duke of Aosta's own