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Letters Home or Other Info

Hello everyone,

I am a published English writer beginning my second novel. This is set in WW2 and is based around the characters of a platoon in an Armoured Divison in 1942.

It is set mainly in North Africa.

I am not interesting in following certain English stereotypes of the Italian army or its soldiers, and for this reason I am researching things from the Italian point of view and in particular from the persepctive of the ordinary soldier - of any rank. Its fair to say I am an Italophile.

I am therefore trying to obtain:

Letters home

Or extracts of any of these.

Preferably in English, or with someone willing to translate.

I have a good grasp of WW2 history, including the North African War, and have done a certain amount of research into Abyssinia also. The Italian side of things however seems to be neglected, with relatively few 'survivor' books compared with American, British or German counterparts. Only recently is a more balanced view of the Italian side of the war becoming clearer. I am keen to add to this, in my own modest way. Out of respect to veterans of all nations, I would also like to get the technical details correct.

If anyone can help me I would be happy to credit their name in the book, along with the Comando Supremo site and this forum.

The book will be published in Ireland and the UK, later in the US and Europe if sales are good. My agent will also be looking to get it turned into a movie as the story has potential.

I will also be able to do an article for the forum once the book is finished.



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I am glad of your interest in this topic, but sadly it will be extremely difficult for you to accomplish your research, mostly because there is not much written by Italian militars in North Africa in Italian language and, AFAIK, nearly zero in English.

In English you should read this book by the veteran engineer Paolo Caccia Dominioni: https://www.amazon.com/Alamein-1933-1962-Italian-story-Caccia-Dominioni/dp/B0000CN9AK/ . It is a classic and a best seller.
Thank you - I will get that book.

I appreciate any assistance.

I may have some specific questions as I write about terminology etc that the forum member could perhaps help with.

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