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Lieutenant General Carlo GOTTI


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Hello Everybody
I am trying to find the citation (or motivazione) for the award of the Cavaliere dell" Ordine Militare d'Italia to then Major General GOTTI.
The Quirnale site says he received the award 24/11/1947 but gives no citation.
I have researched him to just after the Sicily campaign but can't find out what he did 1943-45. Post war his military career continued into the early 1950s.
Any assistance or pointers you can give would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello DrG
Thanks for your reply...and advice.. I will have a look at the reference you suggested. It would be interesting to know what he was up to between 1943 45...
KInd regards


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I have checked all my sources (which are limited) and didn't find anything else on Gotti.

Unless you live, or are visiting Rome, you won't be able to access that file. See Access to the archive for more information.

Now if DrG knows of way to get copies of the files from the archives, I have a list of documents I have been trying to obtain.....;)

Pista! Jeff


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Hi Jeff, I am sorry but I don't know how to get copies of documents from the USSME, besides following their terrible procedures and go there in person. The same for every other Italian archive, they look like they are still in the XIX century, not even the XX.


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Thanks Guys for your relies and help . It is unfortunate Italian archives are so difficult ( a Roman holiday needed). All I can say is thank god for the internet as I have been able to piece together quite a lot PRE 1943. A Tuscan nobleman, born in 1889, a Bersaglieri with service in Libya, Silver Valour Medal winner in WW1, and a Battalion commander on the Paive front in 1918 and in AOI (promoted for war merit to Colonel) and a Divisonal commander in the siege of Tobruk and the Crusader offensive where he did quite well. And then service in Corsica? and then another Divison command in the Sicily campaign and then some minor posts and then nothing until 1948/49( I think) when he was promoted Lt General and was the commander in Genova. He must retired about 1952 due to age I guess and because that year he received Grand Officer O/o Merit of the Italian Republic.
One thing I at least hope to find out is when he died....which I can't find out.. Any ideas about that would be great.
Thanks again


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Hello DrG
Thanks for the references I had seen them but I better have another look to see if I missed anything,
I have his medal group ( I would guess it is pre 1940 medals ) I got from a local dealer. It has two named medals; the Silver Valour and a named Long Command medal so I am researching the man behind the medals...,,it has been a very interesting ride so far.
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