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Marina Italiana nella 2GM: Dati statistici


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To be frankly I am not deeply into the war at sea in Mediterranean, but still intested in the battle for african convoys. I have already the book covering it ("La difesa del traffico con L'A.S.") but still looking for more data on the goods being delivered throughout the campaign (equipment, supplies and personnel). Is the "Dati Statistici" a good place to look for such details?

Would anyone advise, please?

Thank you in advance


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First I assume you have all three volumes of La difesa del traffico con L'A.S. from the RM's official history (volumes VI, VII, e VIII).

Dati Statistici provides the details on the cargoes carried by the convoys. Data is broken down by theater, year, month, type, recipient (RE, RA, RM, German, civilian), etc. Note that the specific cargo on specific ships are not given; for that information you need to consult La Difesa for what it offers. It has losses, strength (number) of shipping, personnel losses, etc. In all a lot of information that would take you months, if not years to collect and organize.

So yes, Dati statistici (volume I) gives you "more data on the goods being delivered throughout the campaign (equipment, supplies and personnel)." These four books together give you a better picture of the flow of material to A.S. than any one of them does alone.

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