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Member Book Reviews


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Jim has added a book review section to the main page. This offers an opportunity for members of Comando Supremo to present to our readers their thoughts on the books they have read; the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you have read a book and you desire to share the good news or wave the red flag of the danger, take the time to write a review to help others find those good books and learn more about the Italy during the war.

Already see one on the book that you were considering writing a review? You can added comments, both good or bad, in the comment section. If you have a different take on a book previously reviewed, go head and write your own review and Jim will add it to the current review page. Variety is the spice of life. What if the book is in Italian and you wish to rewrite the review in Italian? Go ahead, we will post it. We might add an English translation to better share your opinion.

As Jim posts your review, he will add links for the books themselves (and any other books mentioned within the review) that are available through Amazon. This makes ordering the book simple if the review sparks your interest. It will also generate a small cash flow that will help maintain Comando Supremo.

I hope members will take the time to think about the books they are reading and share those thoughts. This is one way to help other expand their knowledge of wartime Italy and help maintain Comando Supremo.


Pista! Jeff
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Thanks, Jeff.

Some of you may be put off about my intention to add an Amazon affiliate link to a book review you have written. I want to explain the reasoning behind it.

As most of you know, I have been adding significant new content to the main site. Many of the old articles were short and contained errors, so I hired freelance authors to research and rewrite a lot of them. Normally, each of these articles can cost as much as $50 depending on the length. This is in addition to the significant amount of money I paid to repurchase the domain name back from the previous owner.

Of course, I am doing this willingly. I truly believe in this website and I feel it addresses a topic that isn't covered sufficiently on the internet. My goal is to make Comando Supremo at least self-sufficient. What I mean by that is that ads and affiliate sales cover the costs to maintain the site. Hopefully, it will begin to draw in enough revenue to pay for new content. The key is to balance the ads and affiliate links to be as least disruptive as possible.

Thanks again for all your support. I hope you like how CS has evolved over the last few years.