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Montanari's Sidi el Barrani 2nd ed.


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I am trying to verify an error in Montanari's Sidi el Barrani, the first volume of his Le operazioni in Africa settentrionale series.

The English translation of this volume on the Intent Archive is the second edition (1990). On page 356 it states "..., the machine-gun battalions of the 25th Brescia and the 55th Savona, ... " The Brescia is the 27th, not the 25th. I have the first edition (1985), and that version only gives the names of the two divisions and not their numbers (p.343).

If anyone has copy of the second edition, does Montanari list the divisional numbers or were these added by the translator?



the 1990 edition is available on issuu, in the Biblioteca Militare collection
however i'm 99,99% sure that the Brescia was the 27a divisione
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Grazie! Yes, the copy scanned on Issuu is the 2nd edition. The numbers of the divisions are not written, only the names of the divisions. The translator added that information. Another reason to be wary of that translation.