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Po Valley, 8 Army offensive 20 IV to 2 V 1945


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Posted by Aszurbanipal: Fri Nov 17, 2006


I`ve got a problem with 8 Army operations since ~20 April 1945 to 2 May. Could You give me links to books/ web article addresses to the description of operations from Portomaggiore - Ferrara - Po river - Adige - Padova to Trieste?

The best would be the text similar to http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/brochures/po/72-33.htm but from the British perspective(it`s primarily about US 5 Army).

I`ve got history od New Zeland Division
http://nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-corpus-WH2.html but nothing about other forces.

Thank You.


Posted by Custermen: Fri Nov 24, 2006

Try this link to a page on my website.

(But the map is not loading on the 2nd link)

This describes the advance of the British along Hiway 9 and the capture of Imola from the period April 9 thru about April 21. The text is from boo ""15th Army Group History: 16 December 1944 - 2 May 1945". This book does cover the 8th Army advance after the 21st, but my webpage only briefly mentions this.

Hope that helps


Posted by Aszurbanipal : Sun Nov 26, 2006

Your website was very helpful already. In my country, It`s hard to find anything about the last days of the war in Italy so I read the "15th Army Group History" with large interest.



Posted by Custermen: Wed Nov 29, 2006

I assume you are in Italy.
Look for this book that was published in May of this year. I think it mainly focuses on the central Po Valley area.

"Dieci giorni di guerra" - (Ten Days of War) - by Luca Valente.
Cierre Edizioni, Verona, Italy. May 2006.
Text in Italian - A collection of information and photos relating to the last 10 days of the war in central Italy. The author reports from the view of Italian partisans, German paratroopers, and American soldiers. Includes 11 pages of photos and info from my website; used with my permission. A lot of research went into this and it is well documented with notes and references. 550 pages. softbound.