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Political exiles


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Thanks to Jeff for answering my question on conscription :) Now, I have another one and would be very grateful for any responses. I am researching political (or domestic) exiles. My understanding is that those against the Fascist regime were sent to Italian islands or to remote villages in the south of Italy for 3-5 years. My questions are - were any exiles sent to the north of Italy and also how did exiles live day to day? I believe they were given a certain amount of lire/day for food. Also, if anyone is interested in New Zealand POWs in Italy during WWII, my own relative (Jack Gallichan) was in a labour camp in the Apennines - so happy to contribute this. He was the editor of the famous (at least in NZ) Tiki Times that was produced in the camp.


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You might try researching the Tribunale Speciale per la difesa dello Stato. Establish by law in 1926, it is the court that handled political cases.

There is an online article on political prisoners:
Nathaniel Cantor, Fascist Political Prisoners that provides some information. It is an old article and only covers up to 1932, but it will give you a starting point.


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Thank you so much!! I find this aspect of Italy in WWII so very fascinating - daily life under Fascism.


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A great book with information regarding policy on Mussolini's treatment of political adversaries among other interesting newly disclosed facts is "Mussolini, A New Life" by Nicholas Farrell