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As Infantrymen was being published, I discovered a first-hand account of the jump on Cefalonia by sergente maggiore Mario Tosone. It was too late to incorporate any new information in my book that I might uncover, but I did order a copy to see if I made any significant error. The book did provide some new material and confirmed some points that I had made in Infantrymen. I have begun to incorporate some of that the new research into the book with the possibility of a 2º edition if enough new material is found and/or errors to correct.

The point of this post is that I opened the publisher's webpage to check the publication year of the book and took a look at their catalog. For those willing to tackle Italian, there are some interesting titles offered by Sarasota. There are many aviation titles, some of which are written by veterans. I can't speak to the quality of the books, only the one I have which is a good addition to my research.

For anyone interested, the link is provided below.


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