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Falessi, Pafi, "Veicoli da comattimento dell'Esercito italiano dal 1939 al 1945", 1976 report 75 rounds for the 75/34 gun and 600 rouds for the 8 mm machineguns.
Benvenuti, Curami, "La 'chimera' del Regio Esercito: il carro P.40", Storia Militare, n. 6, 1994, report 63 rounds for the gun and 576 rounds for the two 8 mm machineguns.

Curami was a very reliable source for the technical matters, so I assume his data are the correct ones.


The ammo is important but was the P40 seriously tested in combat?
It would be interesting to see how it would have performed in 1940-41.