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Service Record Translation


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Posted 13 October 2008 by ned

Hi there,

I'm looking to put together a picture of my Wife's grandfather's wartime service and a bit of Googling brought me here ...

I'd be grateful if anyone could translate the information on the following document which appears to be a copy of his service record - I only have a scan of the document so unfortunately, I'm unable to clarify any letters or words that might be unclear,

I know no Italian but here's my take on it -

He joined the 55th Reg 'Brescia' Artillery Division, then moved somewhere else the ?8th reg Artillery '???o ?

His service number was: 4938/341?
Went operational in June of 1940? and I guess he was captured 20th January 1941?
Discharged in Taranto 1946?

here's the paperwork:


Tony ended up as a POW in South Africa before coming to Scotland where he started a little Italian empire of his own

Any info greatly appreciated.


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Posted 14 October 2008 by Oasis

Hi Ned
the bad quality of the photo (can't be zoomed) permits only this translation I give you with pleasure, as my father also served with Brescia Artillery, but after the facts of your parent (from Feb. 41). It is only a part of a document, the first page missing.

Such in the 55° Rgt Art "Brescia" administrated by Dept. of 48° Rgt Art. "Taro" as per Ministerial Disposal n. 4938/341 (the service number should be in the first page) of 11.11.1939 - date 1.12.939
Such in the operations zone - date 11.6.940
Ceased to be in the operations zone - date 20.1.941
POW in the military action of Northern Africa and interned in Scotland on 21.1.941
Returned from captivity, disembarked in Taranto on 19.2.946
Such by the Centro Alloggio (lodging center) in Taranto on 19.2.946
In extraordinary leave of 60 days with allowances on 23.2.946
No charges against him due to the circumstances of capture and to the behavior during the detention.
Temporarily exempted on 23.4.946
Discharged on 31.12.962
Participated from 11.6.940 to 20.1.941 to the war operations in northern Africa with 55° Rgt Art Mob.

Best regards


Posted 16 October 2008 by Ned

Thanks, Toni,

Your reply is very much appreciated.