Status Update on Website


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I want to keep you all posted on the restoration of the website and various plans.

1. CS now has SSL so it is more secure than before. Please note the url is now https and not http.
2. I have replaced the old theme with a more modern and professional layout.
3. I replaced the IP Board with the XenForo discussion board format. I think this forum is a bit more user friendly and reliable.
4. I am currently uploading between 2-4 articles per day. A lot of the old content had some errors that I am fixing. I'm also replacing the old photos with better images. During this process, I am rewriting some of older articles which have poor content or difficult to read.
5. Some old content will not be restored for the following reasons:
a. It was not archived
b. It is irrelevant
c. The original author is now hosting the content elsewhere (Specifically Jeff Leser's reenactment content)
d. The original content belongs to another website which we used by permission. Google doesn't like websites that copy other data so we won't reload them onto CS.
6. Published a working home page that will be populated over time.

My plan is to make CS more optimized for search engines, thereby increasing traffic. We should have a great site here in no time at all.

I'll keep you all posted on any significant developments. Thanks again for your patience.

Jim H


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Referring to your "c" and "d" - I have no objections to the use of what I contributed with on the previous website - whatever it is worth…;)...Of course, if you find it irrelevant - "c"...….:whistle:..



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The website continues to be updated. We have approximately 70 articles up now. Most of the articles on ship classes in the Regia Marina category will need to be redone. Currently they are roughly one paragraph or so long and poorly written.

If you had an article posted previously on the website and don't see it up yet, please just hang tight. It will be up. Most of the old articles will be republished.