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Tobruk conference


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I saw today on X that there is to be a conference next month at Tobruk University regarding Tobruk during WW2.


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That would be an interesting event to attend. Having a conference on a battle at the location of the battle, with the battlefield remaining fairly well intact would be great. Alas Libya is not on my bucket list and security would be a major concern.


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Hopefully some of the conference will be recorded and uploaded onto the internet. This the UK advice about travel to Libya-

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advise against all travel to Libya. This advice has been in place consistently since 2014. If you’re in Libya against this advice, you should seek to leave immediately by any practical means.​



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I was just sent a ToR for bidding that required facilitating a workshop in Tripoli.

Straight to the bin.

All the best