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Translation/explanation on text on soccer medal


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Posted 17 January 2008by Sparviero

Dear all,

As I lack some knowledge on Italian culture and associations I would appreciate if someone could translate and describe the text on a medal.

On the back it says: F.I.G.C. (VII ZONA) “COPPA EMILIA” and you can see a soccer shoe and a goal. My guess is that F.I.G.C. is a kind of soccer institute in a certain zone and this medal was awarded to the winners of the Coppa Emillia?

If I am totally wrong, you can see I am no soccer fan…

On the front there is Mussolini with the text: IL FONDATORE DELL’IMPERO.
I can translate that: the founder of the empire. However it is to me strange to put that text on a soccer medal.

If someone knows more, please let me know.


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Posted 17 January 2008 by Lupo Solitario

Oh, you're totally right

F.I.G.C. is Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio (Soccer Game Italian Federation), the Italian structure which is responsible for whatever concerning soccer in Italy (it's still named today in a such way).
As a nationwide organization, it's logically divided in territorial sections. I can suppose the VII Zone was the area corresponding to the Emilia region given the medal refers to an Emilia Cup which I've never listened to before. I'd tell the medal is more a participation award than a winning prize.
About the other side....well, Mussolini was EVERYWHERE in fascist Italy, probably you could find him on milk bricks too. The phrase means simply "The empire founder" which dates the medal to the post-1936 period.
Really you're no interested in soccer? No Crujff? No Ajax? No PSV? 😉


Posted 17 January 2008 by Tankredi

Zone VII seems to be the same classification of regions as it was used by the MVSN zones.
For the MVSN, zone VII was Emilia-Romagna.


Posted 17 January 2008 by Sparviero

@Lupo Solitario; thank you for your fast response and detailed information.
Regarding soccer: I watch summaries on tv, but I am not interested as in the way of going to games. PSV is my favorite club, although my family, coming from Rotterdam, is supporting Feyenoord, creating some nice situations :lol:
It is becoming time the national team starts performing, although I am afraid they will be knocked out first round in next cup.

@Tankredi; thank you for the confirmation on the zone.



Posted 28 January 2008 by Caudium

Sparviero said:
It is becoming time the national team starts performing, although I am afraid they will be knocked out first round in next cup.

Spar i suspect your predictions are correct. they are grouped with Italy and France, But i would prefer to see Italy and Holland advance instead of France. 😉