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Translation of Latin Text on Medal


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Posted 15 January 2007 by Sparviero

Hi all, could one of you help me in translating the text on the below items (the same text on both items). Below text (Latin/Italian?) is according to my interpretation referring to a new law as set on an international congress in Rome.
So if anyone can tell me what it actually says, or even know to what congress it is referring, it would make me very grateful.


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Posted 15 January 2007 by Lupo Solitario

it's Latin...it means more or less:

"Hospital Society. The health of the sick is the supreme law"

(second part in Italian: IV International Congress Rome May 1935)


Posted 16 January 2007 by Sparviero

@Lup Solitario; thank you for your translation!!

I find it a strange text for a medal..., especially for a fascist one.

Is anyone familiar with this congress?



Posted 21 January 2007 by Folgore

Maybe it was a congress on health or something like that.

Why do you think it is a strange text??


Posted 21 January 2007 by Sparviero

@Folgore; to me, it is a strange text because it is not really matching with Fascist slogans of that time.



Posted 30 January 2007 by Folgore

Ok Sparviero.I understand.

Well...I think that Fascist propaganda and influence weren't so strong even in a medical conference...and consider the two fasces, the wolf with Romolo and Remo..clear fascist symbols :D