Trieste Salvaged (1949)


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Thanks! Not much to see. I had hope to see the ship righted, but no such luck. Screws and rudder already salvaged.
Yeah. British Pathe seems to be hit or miss. It was kind of 32 seconds of staring at the bottom of the hull. Modelers everywhere are going crazy with excitement.


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Afternoon all,
Jeff, I don’t like to see you disappointed so please see the attachment. It is the only photo that I know of showing the wreck upright.
When it was salvaged it was found that her machinery was in good order as it had been immersed in fuel oil. The wreck was sold to the Spanish Navy and towed there as they intended to convert her to a aircraft carrier.
Unsurprisingly, the project was abandoned due to the cost and she was scrapped.
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Thanks! Interesting bit about conversion into a carrier. I wonder what the plan was (I am sure no detail plan was ever drawn).

Pista! Jeff