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What ifs from AHF

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For my part. I was thinking of something wacky like a strike at the Germans as they invaded France. I haven't honestly given it much thought/effort.

All I know for sure is that in most online strategy games (Call of War) the guy playing Germany or France always tries to eliminate Italy first. It's as if they are already annoyed or aggrevated even before the war starts.

Perhaps that is our greatest strategic asset :)
Here's some of my own alternate history ideas for tactical battlefield or strategy games:


-Italy surprise attacks Germany during their attack on France. Brenner Pass

-Italy defends against both Germany and the Allies 1943. (Expert impossible level)
Soon to be RSI tries to join Germany while partsans and Royal Army defend against Germany.

Book, Dark Navy

8 X P40s, 2 X Semovente 105/25 M43m 3 X M14s, 3 X L3s, 2 X Rifle companies, 1 X MG attachment (Breda M37) Germans 7 Pnz IV, inf company US M4 Shermans, inf company

Hyperwar note
In a fight against the germans, some units only had 20 rounds for their guns and the infantry had about 20 minutes worth of ammunition. - Gen. Carboni

San Paulino M15s and partisans. Battle for Rome and Ariete II.

-Alliance with Italy, Spain and Greece.

-Semovente 90/53 at Alamein (Ariete's last stand.)

-Semovente 90/53 at the Don. Stalingrad operation Saturn and the destruction of the Italian 8th Army.

-P40 75/32 at Alamein. Ariete's last stand

- Fait 2000 vs Turrinelli or Fiat 3000 during Socialist Fascist civil war. 1920s-30s