Best overall book on El Alamein?

Looking for suggestions/opinions on what is the best overall book on the battles of El Alamein.

I have read several, but wonder what this group likes that gives a balanced (or as much as possible) account from German, British, and ITALIAN perspective/sources.

As we know, it is the Italian role that is almost always minimized/under reported.



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The book to start with is Montanari's The Three Battles of El Alamein. This is a translation of the third volume, second half of his Le operazioni in Africa settentrionale volume III El Alamein, done by the USSME. Gives a balanced account with focus on the Italian efforts during the battle. To me, a must read for anyone trying to understand all aspects of the battle.

It is a pretty good translation. If you have read the original, nothing new. It has all the in-text maps. It doesn't have the allegati, which is a disappointment.

The book is still in print.



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Afternoon all,
I would put forward ‘Alamein, an Italian story’ by Paolo Caccia-Dominioni. This book gives a more personal account of the time from the Italian soldiers view. It also includes Caccia-Dominioni’s efforts to collect the dead from the battlefield after the war and bring them together in respective cemeteries.
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Thank you both. I’m reading a book on Montgomery and like just most I have read covering the battles the Italian forces are all but ignored. Thanks again