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Board games

Most are into computer games, but that doesn't mean you can't break out the old board and dice when the power goes kaput and play your favorite Semovente.
Besides Tunisia, I can't think of a better campaign to play on cardboard:

Invasion of Sicily board game with Semovente 90/53.

I bet Avalon hill is kicking himself silly for not releasing it first.
My father use to own this War at Sea from Avalon Hill, which included the Mediterranean:

This was actually a fairly easy version to play. It doesn't have the complexity of the other Avalon Hill games like 7th fleet. Unfortunately it's sold out.
I found this boardgame:
Ariete at Bir El Gobi November 1941


You have to zoom in on one of the playboards to find the MILMART truck mounted guns!
El Alamein boardgame:


"There are three scenarios; The First Battle of El Alamein (July 1942), Alam Halfa (Sept 1942) and Battle of El Alamein (Oct 1942). "
The Cauldron (Gazala battles):