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Firing Tests of 75mm and 100mm Pronto Effetto (P.E.) Rounds


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The following is a translation of one of the reports written/collected by colonnello Mario Bizzi during his technical mission in Africa settentrionale in March 1941. I am in the process of translating these reports.

On 19/III [March 19th 1941] shooting tests were carried out in the Saunnu basin with P.E. projectiles from 75[mm] and 100[mm guns] against a Mark VI tank [this is a Crusader], fired from a distance of 500 meters.

A 75[mm] hit against the right side removed about half a square meter of 30mm armor.

A 75[mm] hit against the front of the hull - 2 mated plates of 30 + 20mm. - opened the armor and crumpled the lips of the plates, also tearing the upper inclined plates for an extension of about 30 x 50 cm.

A shot from the 100[mm] opened, and partially torn the casemate front plate (2 matching plates of 20mm., That is 40 mm. in total).

A shot from the 100[mm] hit the turret, removing it and throwing it to the ground.

500 m shots were fired from the Solothurn rifle. against a «Mark 2 A 4 light tank» [this is the Mark VI Light tank].

The bullet has always clearly pierced the side of the turret, sometimes removing 25 mm. [of the] covering (one of which was delivered to the Inspectorate for Motorized and Armored Troops).

Overall, the effect of the P.E. is higher than the normal projectile.

Detailed report can be requested from Comando XXIº C d. who did the tests.
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I checked and you are correct. I have relooked the translation and made the change above. The original is:

Il proiettile ha sempre forata nettamente la fiancata della torre, di 25 mm. asportandone talora dei menischi (uno dei quali consegnato all’Ispettorato Truppe Motorizzata e Corazzate).

It is an odd phrasing and the use of menischi is frankly, weird. I occasionally find this style of writing in Italian reports and it can be a challenge for non-native speaks to decipher the meaning.