Gruppo Corazzato Leoncello (Armored Group Leoncello)


The Armored Group Leoncello (Gruppo Squadroni Corazzato "Leoncello") was formed in September 1944 near Brescia. It was mainly used for anti-partisan duties but in the final days of the war it saw some action against US forces.

Order of battle
HQ (1 x Semovente M43 self-propelled gun, 4 x AB40/41 armored cars)
Tank Squadron M (4 x M13/40, 3 x M15/42 medium tanks)
Tank Squadron L (12 x tankettes)

This is what i found on the web about it but in a italian history magazine, it said that the "Leoncello" used the P26/40 in the last months of the war. The problem is i can't find any photo who show the P40 with the "Leoncello", i know the source of the italian history magazine is good, but i wanted to know if exist any photo about that.


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Welcome to the forum. Can you provide a cite for this article?

There isn't much known about grp. sqd. "Leoncello" and of the use of the M26/40 tank. There have been several discussions on the net whether any R.S.I. armored units fought against Allied combat units. So far, no one has provide any solid evidence that any such encounter actually happened.

There is this thread P40 in Combat that touches on this issue.

This book looks pretty good on R.S.I. armored units.


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