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RSI Armored Vehicles

A listing of RSI armored vehicles used by the following forces.

Esercito Nazionale Repubblicano

Gruppo Squadroni Corazzati “Leoncello”

Squadrone Comando (HQ squad.):
1 Semovente M43 da 105/25 (“Bassotto”)
4 Autoblindo AB40/41
Squadrone Carri M (medium tanks squad.):
4 Medium tanks M13/40
3 Medium tanks M15/42
Squadrone Carri l (light tanks squad.):
12 Tankettes L3 in different versions

Gruppo Squadroni Corazzati “San Giusto”

4 Medium tanks M13/40
2 Semovente L6/40 da 47/32
16 Tankettes L3/33 and L3/35
2 Autoblindo AB41
1 Semovente M42 da 75/34
3 Semovente M42 da 75/18

I° Divisione di fanteria “Italia”

9 Semovente M42 da 75/18

Raggruppamento “Cacciatori degli Appennini”

4 Semoventi M42 da 75/15
6 Autoblindo (probably Italian AB41)

R.A.P. Reparto Anti Partigiani

7 Tankettes L3/35 and L3/38
2 Light tanks L6/40
1 Medium tank M13/40
1 Autoblindo AB41
2 Semoventi M42 da 75/18

Reggimento Alpini “Tagliamento”

1 Autoprotetta Fiat 665

Compagnia L CCCXII btg

15 Tankettes L3

Marina Nazionale Repubblicana

Divisione Decima MAS

Battaglione “Fulmine”

1 Armored car self-made on AB41 or on AS43 chassis

Battaglione “Lupo”

1 Light tanks L6/40 (captured from partisans in Alba)

Gruppo d’Artiglieria “Colleoni”

1 Autocannone da 90/53 (on SPA Dovunque 41 chassis armored)

Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana

A 1944 photo of an AS43 armored car of the Leonessa Group in Piedmont. Image: Tank Encyclopedia.

Gruppo Corazzato “Leonessa”:

35 Medium tanks M13/40, M14/41 and M15/42 (including 2 Carro Comando M15/42 comand version)
1 Semovente L6/40 da 47/32
5 Light tanks L6/40
16 Tankettes L3/33 and L3/35
1 Autoblindo “Dingo” probably it was a “Lince”, not a captured “Dingo”)
18 Autoblindo AB41 and AB43
10 Autoblindo “Zerbino” (not better identified)
2 Autoblindo AS43 (or more than 2?)
3 Heavy armored vehicles
4 Light armored vehicles
8 Armored vehicles S40 and S26 (not better identified)

I Legione d’Assalto “Tagliamento”

Some tankettes L3/35

II Reggimento Milizia Del Territorio “Istria”

2 Tankettes L3/33
6 Armored cars with 13.2 mm and 20 mm machine guns

Battaglione 9 Settembre:

1 Autoblindo AB41

Polizia Repubblicana

Legione Autonoma Mobile “Ettore Muti”

2 Tankettes L3/35

Brigate Nere

Brigata Nera “Ather Capelli”

1 SPA Dovunque 35 armored truck
1 unidentified armored car

Brigata Nera “Benito Mussolini”

1 Lancia 3 RO armored truck with armored trailer
1 Fiat 1500 armored car

Autoblinda, Autoprotetta= armored car
Semovente= self propelled gun mounted on a tank chassis
Autocannone= self propelled gun mounted on a truck

This list may not be complete. Please e-mail me a note regarding any mistakes or for any additions. I’ll be grateful to you.

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Paolo Crippa has cultivated his passion for Italian history since high school. His research interests are focused mainly in the field of military history and in particular on Italian armored units from the 30s until the end of World War II. In 2006 he published his first volume, “I Reparti Corazzati della Repubblica Sociale Italiana 1943/1945”, the first organic research carried out and published in Italy on the subject. In 2007 he published “Duecento Volti della R.S.I.” and in 2011 “ Un anno con il 27° Reggimento Artiglieria Legnano”. He regularly contributes to several journals: Milites, Historica Nuova, SGM - World War II, Batailes & Blindes, Mezzi Corazzati, Storia del Novecento, Storia & Battaglie, Mezzi Corazzati, Ritterkreuz, both as an author, or in collaboration with other researchers. He published with the editor Mattioli 1885 in 2014 “Italy 43 – 45 – Civil War improvised AFV’s” (2014), “Italian AFV’s of the Civil War 1943 - 1945” (2015) and “Italy 43 – 45 – AFV’s and MV’s of co-belligerent units” (2018).

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