Italian forces in ASI the 10th june '40


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list of convoy arrived before of 25th July
Sub Zoea sail from Napoli the18/6/40 with 60 ton (or 49) ammunitions for the RE (17770 shells for 47/32) came the 21/6 at Tobruk​
11th (or 12th) DD division (Artigliere, Geniere, Camicia Nera, Aviere) sail from Napoli the 19/6/40 with 36 47/32 e 20 20 and ammunitions with 300 crewmen came the 21/6 at Bengasi​
Sub Bragadino sail from Napoli the 24/6/40 with 30 ton equipment for the RA came the 28/6 at Tobruk​
Ms Esperia e Victoria sailed from Napoli the 25/6/40 with 437 (or 937) men and 2775 tonn of equipments, came the 26/6 at Tripoli​
Armed merchant Ramb III sail from Napoli the 25/6/40 with 600 ton frozen meat, came the 27/6 at Tripoli​
2nd DD division Espero, Ostro and Zeffiro sail from Taranto the 27/6/40 with 2 MVSN AA btr with men (160) weapons and equipments, attacked the 28 june from RN cruisers, the Espero is sunk, the others came the 29/6 at Bengasi​
Ms Lago Tana sail from Catania the 28/6/40 with 200 ton of gasoline in drums, came the 29/6 at Tripoli​
Sub Corridoni sail from Napoli the 30/6/40 with 27 tons of equipment for the RA and the RM (or 15 ton for the RA and documents for the RM) came the 3/7 at Tobruk​
St Esperia, Ms Foscarini, Pisani and Calitea sailed from Napoli the 6 july, the Ms Barbaro adding from Catania, came the 8/7 at Bengasi; load: 2190 men, 228 vehicles, 10445 tons of equipment and 5720 tons of fuel and lubricants in drums​