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Photo of a relative


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Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you all a photo of one of my relatives. According to the family story he was a medic and spent multiple years in a german POW camp after 1943. He survived the war and would move to America where he would start a family.

Does anyone know what rank he held? All input is welcome!



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As a B&W photo, it is always difficult to determine colors.

Are you sure that he was medical? The mostrine (collars tabs) look more like artiglieria. Sanità mostrine doesn't have the yellow border. Rank appears to be either caporale maggiore (red stripes) or sergente maggiore (yellow stripes). Given the shade of the mostrine border being near that of the gradi and the stripes appear to be shiny, I lean towards sergente maggiore.

He is wearing a prewar waist belt on a M40 tunic. The gradi also appear to be the smaller M40 pattern.

We will see what others think.

Pista! Jeff


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Thanks for the info Jeff! I suspect the family story may be somewhat inaccurate, so no I would not say for certain he was medical. I hope to one day request his military records, but that is a task for another day...


Jeff, I agree with you. I have looked through my books and come with a Sergente Maggiore from the artillery and animal transport personnel! It is a shame that the photo isn’t in colour!
Bodey, a great photograph of your relative!


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Thank you for the kind words! I hope to someday find out more information on my relative, and when I do so I will be sure to post it here!