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Supplies at 10th June 1940

Does anyone have any accurate or even approximate tonnage for supplies available to the Italians on 10th June 1940?

I am especially interested in...

Any other major location.



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Information on what stockage is in threater is available. The location of that stockage is not. It is not given as tonnage.


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There aren't any neat tables that include everything. You will need to read through the memorandums and figure out what they say. The information often isn't in tons. The artillery data (the one neat table) is in Units of Fire (UNFOC). Sadly the USSME didn't publish a separate logistics volume on A.S. like they did for Russia. That volume has plenty of detail.

Books to look at.

Diario Storico del Comando Supremo vol 1, book II.
Documento n.1 has a lot of information and some locational specificity. Good place to start. This is the most complete listing of the logistical situation in A.S. that I am aware of. The data is as of Feb 1939. There might be more data buried in the other memorandums in that volume.

Montanari Le operazioni A.S. vol. 1 Sidi Barrani
Allegato 5 Artillery ammunition (UNFOC)
Allegato 9 Material requests

L'esercito italiano tra la 1ª e 2ª guerra mondale
Allegato 46 has some information by theater

Montanari L'esercito italiano alla vigilia della 2ª guerra mondiale
I did a quick look. Most of the info are army totals, but there might be some data for A.S. specific.

In Africa settentrionale La preparazione al conflicto
Many memorandums.

If the Diario Storico data isn't enough, then I don't feel you will find all the data you are seeking. For example there is data on the numbers of uniforms in the magazines in A.S., but I didn't find anything on rations. It might be buried in the memorandums or in the text. None of this information is presented by location, only A.S. totals.

Pista! Jeff
Hi Jeff.

Thanks for your input.
As I don't have any access to that data. I wonder if I ought to try to approach this from another direction.

Monthly tonnage figures for deliveries to North Africa are available from June 1940. Are there any figures from earlier. That way at least I would have the approx. tonnage if not the locations.

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You can find the Diario Storico HERE They have the chart in the wrong place. In the book it follows page 18, but in this digital copy it starts on page 30.

You can search that same site for Montanari's books in Italian. Or you can go HERE for an English translation. The English can be dodgy at times, so be prepared for some weird translations and awkward sentences, but it is generally workable.

I would say that the Diario chart is your best bet. If that isn't good enough, then you have a lot of work ahead of you.