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  1. L

    any Italian tank or replica for sale?

    Hello i have a question on youtube i saw man short where are italian tanks in personal use but when i google it there isnt any tank or replica for sale im asking because im italian WW2 fan and i want to buy some to thank for answers
  2. Kustosz2137

    132 tank regiment

    Hi, I need some info about 132nd tank regiment from Ariete division; Once I've read somewhere that 132nd was only Italian tank regiment that was completed (reached it's assumed strength; 3 medium tanks battalions, each with 4 companies, 3 platoons by 5 tanks in each company), but I don't really...
  3. Kustosz2137

    Gruppo Mobile E

    Hi! I have two questions about Gruppo mobile E from CI Battaglione Carri 'R35' on which I can't find reliable answers anywhere on the internet. The first one is: how many tanks belonged to mobile groups (companies) equipped with R35s? Majority of sources states that they were 16, while some...
  4. Kustosz2137

    Weird M11/39 markings

    Hi! Some time ago I've found this photo of M11/39. As you can see, there is marking of 2nd tank of 4th platoon. This made me wonder - which unit has companies made of 4 platoons? When trying to do my own research in the internet I've also found another weird photo, this time showing number 7...
  5. Kustosz2137

    Markings of Gruppi Semoventi

    Hi! I'm seeking for some information about markings used by particular batteries of Gruppi Semoventi 75/18 (DLI - DLXI) that served in Italian army. Informations about their insignia are very inconsistent in the internet and I can't say which are the real ones. I tried to gather some knoweldge...
  6. Webmaster

    Italian Tanks on the Russian Front

    Tue Jul 13, 2004 9:40 am by Tankredi I need to know which types of tanks, semoventes and autacarri blindati the Italians used on the Russian front. Anyone can help me with a little list? A short description or a picture of the cammo of the vehicle described would be an optional and highly...