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The Italian Army in North Africa, 1940-43: Luck Was Lacking, But Valor Was Not


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This is a new book on the Italian experience in A.S. that is scheduled to be published in Jan 2021 written by Ralph Riccio and Massimiliano Afiero. I have a high opinion of Ralph Riccio (I am not familiar with Afiero), so have pre-ordered the book.

I have high hopes.

Pista! Jeff
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Evening all,
Agreed, really looking forward to this book! I just hope that it will be available. I pre-ordered an Osprey book on Italian destroyers and waited patiently for the release date for then be told that it was being delayed due to COVID!
I have the book with the similar title by Zapotoczny and hope the new one will be an improving on the previous one!
Regards to all