Regia Marina

The Regia Marina was, without a doubt, the most effective branch of the Italian military in the Second World War. For three years, the battleships and heavy cruisers of the Italian fleet denied the British use of the Mediterranean for sending reinforcements abroad. Additionally, Italian submarines played an oft-overlooked part in the Battle of the Atlantic. Torpedo Boats, Explosive Motorboats, and frogmen of the MAS units managed to cripple battleships. However, a lack of radar, aircraft carriers, and increasingly severe fuel constraints hampered their operations throughout the war. In spite of these disadvantages, the Regia Marina waged a seesawing war with the famed Royal Navy for control of the Mediterranean. Each side gained the advantage for a time, only to lose it again until the collapse of the Italian position in 1943.

Andrea Doria Class Battleship

The Italian Andrea Dorea Class battleship includes the Andrea Dorea and the Caio Duilio. Originally built during WWI, they both saw limited service in WWII.

Spica Class Torpedo Boat of WWII

Spica Class Torpedo Boats were very active in the Italian convoy supply line during World War II. Various engagements saw the loss of 23 of the original 32.

Zara Class Heavy Cruiser History and Specifications

The Italian Zara Class cruisers served during World War Two. They were the Zara, Fiume, Pola, and Gorizia. Three sank during the Battle of Cape Matapan.

Littorio Class Battleship: History and Specifications

The Littorio Class Battleship was the most modern battleship the Italy had in World War Two. They included Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, Roma and Impero.

Motoscafo da Turismo: Explosive Motorboats

The Motoscafo da Turismo MT, or Barchino, was an effective Italian Explosive Motorboat designed to ram vessels and detonate a warhead below the waterline.

Conte di Cavour Class Battleships

The Conte di Cavour class battleships include the Conte di Cavour, Giulio Cesare, and the ill-fated Leonardo Da Vinci. Originally built between 1910-1915.

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