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This section contains in-depth articles on specific events regarding Italy’s participation in World War Two. There are a number of authors who contribute to this category, with each having their own style. Subjects range from details on specific battles like the Battle of Cape Matapan to interesting historic events such as the Regia Aeronautica’s epic roundtrip flight to Japan to deliver secret radio codes. Our articles are detailed and contain a treasure trove of historical research.

The Battle of Cape Matapan

The Battle of Cape Matapan was a naval battle off the coast of Greece waged 26-29 March 1941 between elements of the Italian and British fleets.

Sacrifice on the Steppe Book Preview

Book preview on Hope Hamilton's "Sacrifice on the Steppe: The Alpine Corps in the Stalingrad Campaign 1942-1943" regarding Italian actions in Russia.

Gela Beachhead Counterattack of 1943

A detailed account of the 3rd Battalion, 34th Regiment, Livorno Infantry Division counterattack at the Gela Beachhead, Sicily, between July 11th-12th, 1943.

Regia Marina in the Far East: 1940-1945

The Regia Marina had a number of vessels in the Far East during World War Two. These submarines and merchant raiders faced a dilemma after the armistice.

Italian Aces of World War Two

Our list of top ten Italian aces of World War Two. The list includes both Regia Aeronautica and Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana kills for the pilot.

Italy’s Secret Flight From Rome to Tokyo

The Italians believed Allies had broken their radio codes. A secret mission was formulated for a daring flight from Rome to Tokyo to deliver new codebooks.

Accounts of the First Battle of El Alamein

A detailed account of the first battle of El Alamein between Italian and German units against Commonwealth forces. Many first hand accounts are referenced.