This section contains in-depth articles on specific events regarding Italy’s participation in World War Two. There are a number of authors who contribute to this category, with each having their own style. Subjects range from details on specific battles like the Battle of Cape Matapan to interesting historic events such as the Regia Aeronautica’s epic roundtrip flight to Japan to deliver secret radio codes. Our articles are detailed and contain a treasure trove of historical research.

Fate of Regia Marina Vessels

Learn the fate of the Regia Marina. See what happened to every major vessel in the Italian Navy during World War Two. Listing broken down by vessel classes.

Italian Invasion of British Somaliland

The Italian invasion of British Somaliland started on 03 August 1940, Italian forces under General De Simone led the charge to Tug Argan and Berbera.

Italian Submarines in World War Two Statistics

A comprehensive list of statistics regarding Italian submarines in World War Two. The Regia Marina had 115 submarines in 1940 and 88 were lost in combat.

How Malta Became Center Stage in Mediterranean

Italy was late in becoming a colonial power like France and Great Britain. The importance of controlling Malta became apparent as World War Two loomed.

Battle of Cape Matapan / Battle of Gaudo

The Battle of Cape Matapan was a naval battle off the coast of Greece waged 26-29 March 1941 between elements of the Italian and British fleets.

An Analysis of Adolf Hitler’s Directive no. 18

Authors comments on the relevent points to Adolf Hitler's Directive No. 18, which concerns the German conquest of Gibraltar via Operation Felix in WWII.

Sacrifice on the Steppe Book Preview

Book preview on Hope Hamilton's "Sacrifice on the Steppe: The Alpine Corps in the Stalingrad Campaign 1942-1943" regarding Italian actions in Russia.

Siege of Tobruk: 19 November – 10 December, 1941

A detailed account of Italian Army Regio Esercito actions during the Siege of Tobruk between 19 November 1941 and 10 December, 1941.

Battle of Taranto: The First Pearl Harbor

More than a year before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, aircraft from the Royal Navy conducted a surprise attack on the Italian fleet in the Battle of Taranto.

Italian Bombing of Manama, Bahrain

On 19 October 1940, four modified SM.82 bombers commanded by Ettore Muti surprised the British by bombing the oil refineries of Manama, Bahhrain.

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