Resource material and transcribed documents on the Italian war effort.

Italian Military Records – NARA Microfilm Series

Guide to Italian military records seized by the Allies after the war. The NARA files were microfilmed before the files were returned to Italy in 1967.

Armistice – Instrument of Surrender I

Instrument of Surrender I signed at Malta September 29, 1943; letter from Commander in Chief of Allied Forces to Badoglio, Head of Italian Government.

Armistice with Italy: September 3, 1943

Armistice with Italy came in 2 parts, known as the Short Terms and Long Terms. Both were prepared in advance by a British and American Commission.

Amendment to Instrument of Surrender

Protocol signed at Brindisi, Italy, November 9, 1943, amending instrument of surrender of September29, 1943 Entered into force November 9, 1943.

Employment and Disposition of Italian Fleet and Merchant Marine

Memorandum of Agreement on the disposition of the Italian fleet between the Allied Naval Commander-in-Chief and the Italian Minister of Marine.

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