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The Macchi C.202 Folgore is regarded as the most successful Italian fighter aircraft of World War Two. About 1,150 aircraft were built between 1941-1943.

By the start of World War Two the Regio Esercito considered Marshal Rodolfo Graziani a war hero. But his defeat in Libya tarnished his reputation as leader.

The Carro Veloce CV 33 and CV 35, also known as L3/33 and L3/35 tankettes were Italian armored fighting vehicles used during World War Two.

The Breda Ba.64 was an Italian ground attack aircraft first put into service in 1937. By 1939, Regia Aeronautica began replacing them with the Breda Ba.65.

Pietro Badoglio joined the Regio Esercito in 1892 and rose through the ranks to Field Marshal. In 1943, he helped overthrow Benito Mussolini from power.

The Scotti Cannone-Mitragliera da 20/77 was first produded in 1932. It was a far simpler weapon than the Breda 20 mm, but the performance was inferior.

General Ettore Bastico was an Italian military officer in World War Two. He had nominal command over Axis forces in North Africa until their defeat in 1943.

The Italian Andrea Dorea Class battleship includes the Andrea Dorea and the Caio Duilio. Originally built during WWI, they both saw limited service in WWII.

Spica Class Torpedo Boats were very active in the Italian convoy supply line during World War II. Various engagements saw the loss of 23 of the original 32.

The Italian Zara Class cruisers served during World War Two. They were the Zara, Fiume, Pola, and Gorizia. Three sank during the Battle of Cape Matapan.

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