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The IMAM Ro.37 is an Italian biplane built in 1934. It was a two-seat fighter/reconnaissance aircraft serving in the Balkans and both African campaigns.

CANT Z.506 was an Italian three engine low wing seaplane first flown in 1935. The military version, CANT Z.506B was one of the best floatplanes ever built.

The Battle of Garfagnana, or Operation Winter Storm, is the small German-Italian Christmas offensive conducted on the Apennines between 26-28 December 1944. 

The Monterosa Division was the first divisional unit of the new Italian National Republican Army. They trained at the Münsingen German training grounds.

The Order of Battle of Regia Aeronautica in North Africa in 1942. This list includes Italian Air Force Groups and Squadrons as well as Commanding Officers.

Operation Herkules, known as Esigenza C3 by the Italians, is the codename for the invasion of Malta that was developed 1941 and set for 10 July 1942.

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