Interview of Ezio Vari: SM.79 Sparviero Crew

A 2001 article of Ezio Vari on his experiences on the SM.79 Sparviero is reprinted by permission from Veterans & Vintage, Gruppo di interesse aeronautico.

Accounts of the First Battle of El Alamein

A detailed account of the first battle of El Alamein between Italian and German units against Commonwealth forces. Many first hand accounts are referenced.

Regia Aeronautica Statistics

Multiple tables containing Regia Aeronautica statistics. It provides a snapshot of the Italian Air Force performance and inventory during World War Two.

Battle of Garfagnana: Operation Winter Storm

The Battle of Garfagnana, or Operation Winter Storm, is the small German-Italian Christmas offensive conducted on the Apennines between 26-28 December 1944. 

Monterosa Division of the Italian Social Republic

The Monterosa Division was the first divisional unit of the new Italian National Republican Army. They trained at the Münsingen German training grounds.

Italian Resistance at the Battle of Keren

The Battle of Keren was fought between Italian and British/Commonwealth forces from 2 February to 27 March 1941. The hard fought battle lasted 56 days.

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